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Automated home on Parker Ave

One of our clients contacted us with an existing sound system that had been in their home for a few years, the system consisted of basic volume controls operated from a simple stereo.  They were looking to upgrade the sound system and wanted something that sounded amazing, was easy to operate and allowed them play their own music in each room or have the whole house listen to the same music in "party mode". They also wanted the kids to be able to play music from their smart phones and iPads. We replaced and rewired all the existing speakers and hid all of the electronics that were in their main family room to a convenient location under the stairs.

Upstairs we installed a 135" Stewart projection screen with a high quality Epson projector, Integra 7.2 surround sound amplifier, three in-wall speakers, four in-ceiling speakers and to top it all of we put in two dual 12" subwoofers!  To complete everything we installed a smart control system that incorporated their entire house. They can now control the family room surround sound, the house sound system and the media room from their iPad or the touch screen that is located in the family room.

Oh, and the last thing that the clients wanted to address was the amount of internet that their pre-teen and teenage kids were using. We installed a new network, that not only covered the complete house with multiple access points but also now blocks their kids from using the internet every weeknight at 9pm!


We are very passionate about technology and love what we do. If you are considering a theatre system, or adding the enjoyment of music to your home please contact us, we will bring you home to life!


Please Enjoy the video below in 1080p quality, to do so: Press play > select the small gear icon > quality > 1080p. Enjoy!


Date:November 2014
Tools:Integra, Epson, Triad Speakers, RTI automation, NuVo Audio, Polk Audio, Bose Speakers