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Automated House in Gordon Head

We recently had long time clients of ours decide to renovate their home. They wanted to add music throughout their home and a surround sound system in the family room by the kitchen. Naturally everything had to be installed in such a way that the technology in the house would seamlessly blend into the design of the house but not be the center of attention. We were able to work with the clients designer to add an eight zone audio system, a five speaker theatre system and install three touch screens for control in the home. The system not only allows the clients to control the audio/video systems in the home but will also give them the option to control lighting, security and heating in the future. The project took a few months to complete with the rough in stage happening in early 2012 and completion by the end of that summer. During this time Wired Up showed the clients different options of systems. The clients came to a decision that an automation system would meet their needs not only for the immediate future but for years to come.

Date:September 2012
Tools:Remote Technologies Inc, Onkyo, Samsung, Apple TV