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House Shakin’ Theatre

Recently Wired Up had a client that wanted to build a new theatre system in a new house he was building up in Mill Bay. His plan was to have the biggest screen we could possibly  fit in his room. After meeting with the client on site we then took measurements of the room, discussed layout of speakers and system components. We then turned to Screen Innovations to deliver a 160 inch screen with their brand new Solar 4K 1.3 projection material. The client also expressed that in his new theatre he wanted to "feel" sound as he watched his favourite movie, not just see and hear it. For this we decided to go with a 7.2 surround sound speaker system with Episode 900 series speakers and two 12" subwoofers. To finish it off we used a Sherbourn 7.2 Processor with a massive 7 x 150watt separate power amplifier to  power up the speakers. To quote the client as he watched his first movie  - "WOW!!"

Date:August 01, 2014
Tools:Mitsubishi, Sherbourn Technologies, Procontrol, Episode Speakers and Screen Innovations