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Distributed Audio

Take your restaurant to the next level with a distributed audio system. Our systems are designed to be high quality, simple to use and long lasting for commercial use. The use of distributed audio lets music spread evenly through out a space with out the need of only a few speakers playing loudly in one area to compensation for another. Our packages our designed to offer excellent sound quality and simple usability for you and your staff.

Distributed Video

Now more than ever high definition is here. The amount of HD content is increasing all the time and offers a new dimension into the world of television. Our high definition video distribution systems can steam HD content to any or all the TV's located in your commercial space. Have your HD sources, such as cables boxes and computers, stored away in one central area and have them "stream" to any display. A great option for any sports bar, salon or pub. Have new menu items, advertisments and capture new clients by displaying new and exciting content.

Satellite Systems

Don't get stuck with only one provider for high definition television. Satellite offers 100% digital picture, sound and the ability to time shift your programming and get the game or program 3 - 4 hours earlier or later. Wired Up has been installing digital satellite for years and can tune in the signal and configure the dish to display to multiple TV's at your commercial space. Offer your clients more options for watching what they want and have it done professionally and on time.

Internet Networks

The amount of data that streams over the internet is ever increasing. Having a properly configured computer network offers many key advantages such as security, file sharing and fast content delivery to any computer located within your network. If your business requires access to internet, have a Wired Up technician set up a fast, reliable system.